Design work in fashion industry

In this blog, We are discussing how to do design work in the fashion industry for making final garments. how fashion designers decide the theme, color. by inspiration of anything which has some sense, it can be anything like shape, color, lines. It can be the imagination of anything in mind. Designing of dress is the result of the imagination of anybody’s mind. It is the expression of designers’ creations of their minds. it can have some molar values or it can be any emotions and can be anything. It should be specific. You can put your emotion and feeling to express in your design workdesign work

Before making any design work, We have to research all the details of all elements and sources from where you have to take and the purpose of taking these sources, and how you present these in the form of design of garment.

We can make any elements, design and can explore in your design garments, some lines can be inspirational which can explore and make the design. you can create a design by this and make trends. Some people follow that design will become trendy.

Basically, you see anything, anytime which can inspire you and take that inspiration into your garment. before making a design you have to see these points like color, lines, shape.
It should be balanced means garment shapes should be balanced and harmonious by their element.

firstly designers analyze by their mind and imagine sketch and put colors by color combination, shaped by design and practically dropped on the mannequin and analyze. If a particular design is approved by designers then practically start.

we can create your garment by inspiration from someone’s stories. and make inspiration board after that need research for that to create a design by sketching and put color in that by analyzing color wheel and color scheme with details of elements.

after that you have to make a pattern on the paper for the design of a particular part of the body which you have to create by garment this is the step of making a general template by doing this we can easily analyze how a garment looks like after making the garment and particular shape of the design.
after making a pattern you can take cheap clothes and cut them according to pattern and then stitch these garments according to design for analyzing how to look at garment after stiched. then you can drop on a mannequin. If the design is come perfectly then make a final garment.

















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