Elements of design in fashion garment

fashion elements

                                              Elements of design in fashion

Elements of design in fashion are a component of fashion design. Each element has significance for design. which makes fashion style. Elements of design help to promote fashion. Elements define the fashion category also. Design elements are responsible for style. Each element has its own meaning. Elements are necessary for fashion. With these elements, we can create many styles. Design elements define a fashion style.

 All design elements are equally important to create a fashion style. There are 5 elements of design line, color, shape, texture, print.


Color is one of the essential elements of design. It represents the nature of garments like cool and warm colors. garments enhance by color mostly. If you are a designer you should take care of for whom you are going to design. You should consider their skin color and body structure. you should know the color concept and you have to analyze for which occasion you have to design and for which season. 

fashion elements
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Color has many shades from tint to dark. Every color has its own significant property in garments. Each color can affect psychologically that how people feel, Simple silhouettes can be enhanced through color. Designers analyze which color suits which type of garments.

Every color has its own tint, tone, and shade. Designers decide the Color of fabric through the color wheel. Neutral color that is black and white which are mostly used in formal and casual wear.

A dark and light color is also a factor of illusion that creates variation in distance. Designers consider the body structure for deciding color by effective color schemes. It helps to enhance the appearance of garments. 


The shape defines the outer look of the garments. which creates a unique fashion style. the shape defines the outer structure. In every decade garments, shapes had varied. garments shapes can be flare, circular, or straight. The garment’s outer images are called silhouettes. Silhouette represents the line. A silhouette can be hourglass, s-bend, cocoon, bell shape. shapes are important elements of fashion designing. shapes are hugely impacted by the body. Shapes are the most important in fashion. it is the most visual element of a garment.


Lines are essential for designing garments. Each line used in a garment like a straight, curve, The line represents the edge of the garment. line of garments helps people’s eyes to lead direction. Garment’s line creates the illusion of height and width. the vertical line creates the illusion of height and horizontal line width of the body. the straight line gives a masculine and the curved line has a feminine effect. The Line is responsible for shape. The line can lead the viewer’s thoughts and emotions.

fashion elements

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The texture is the quality of the surface. It is tangible. It can feel visual and physical. It can be smooth, fuzzy, rough, loopy, fuzzy, soft, shiny, sheer. In garments, It is the appearance of the surface of the garment. Texture quality categories by the fiber type. It also depends on the weaving or knitting process. Texture can help to create an illusion to the wearer, shiny fabric can help to increase large than the original body size. This can also help to embrace the skinny body. 


The print is the combination of color and lines, print is actually an important consideration when picking a dress. The print is a combination of color and lines. We should consider the bone structure of the body and body proposal. so it is also an important design element If you are tall and straight then you should wear a geometrical and bold print.

If your body is curve type means your face is circular then you can take floral print to wear. Verticle stripes print can help to increase the height of the body. The print represents the visual impact on people, Mainly prints come in garments like floral, geometric, and graphic. Geometric prints in a random block. the animal print also comes in trend. Conversational print like an animal, sunglass, and anything you can think. 



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