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Haute Couture garments come in fast fashion category

Haute Couture

Haute Couture is a fast fashion which is made for the specifications and these are highly expensive. These make great influencers for society. Different styles make categories.

Each category has its own style. Everyone has their own personal style which makes them different from each other. It may change by its status. The fast-fashion means the Haute Couture category. Fast fashion designers do experiment with shapes and patterns of garments.

Fast Fashion expressed by clothing, accessory, and hairstyle but especially by the garments.

Basically 5 types of fast fashion categories.


 Classic fashion is a style that is never a fad. It always runs in fashion. These fashions are simple they can adopt every people in society. No resistance to acceptance by people. This can be old but never a fad. It can remain valuable to everyone. Classic is a very important item because it is versatile so you can invest more money in classy fashion.

For a classic wardrobe, you must have something.

you should necessarily have some classic things like jeans. Jeans are so versatile they never seem to go out of fashion. you feel so comforting and confident. Basically black and blue color jeans are classy. It works anywhere and at any time. Sling Bag which can work any time and any outfit. It would work for the party or any time, Boats are also a classy thing.


 Fad fashion is adopted for a very short time for a group of people. It came in the market and become famous adopted by many people then suddenly fall that particular style. people looking for some new after some time those fashion suddenly fall. Fad fashion, as it comes it goes very quickly.


Avant Grade is fast fashion and it is a very experimental and complicated style. It pushes the boundaries of casual people’s style who wear normal clothing. Avant grade is a very interesting garment for the photographer and news reporter because this is different from the usual type and is represented by models and through strong personalities. Avant grade is typical and modern. In this category garments’ shapes is unusual type.haute couture

Most fashion freak people accept Avant grade clothes because they want to experiment with their garments and accessories. It gives a look courageous and bold. This is a fashion icon for society.


 Haute Couture means high dressmaking. Haute Couture is very expensive in dressmaking. Every people in society, can not afford it. These garments produced by a big fashion house. We can say Haute Coture is totally the opposite of Pret-a- Poter. Hout Couture is expensive but not experimental element exists in this type of category. In Haute couture, all elements are very sophisticated and elegant. The shapes and textures of garments are unique.

haute couture

Avant grade totally experimental elements present like the shape of outfits and makeup. You can tell or conversate your story through the garment outfit. Different- elements show the dialogue with one another. Basically, fashion students do this thing. Their outfits show their story. They have their own theme which makes a story through the garment, accessories, makeup even their attitude.  They can tell their story through model themes and outfits that are appreciated by the audience.

Avant garde

You can easily create outfits with your creativity. You can discover new things which are unconditional way. You can create your own style with your own creativity. It is not necessary that you should not buy expensive clothes. You should care that it will show new innovation and look expensive.

Browse the latest outfits and collections for inspiration and put your creativity on your outfits and think about how to look more sophisticated and gorgeous.


In 1952 French Goby Aghion came up with luxury. Pret-a-porter means ready to wear. This category of garment is accepted by society. These clothes are affordable, inexpensive for every people.

These are made by one designer and produced by a factory means mass production. You can buy shops. They came in every size.  It is opposite to Haute-Couture. You can wear it casually everywhere and at any time. That is the reason we can say Ready-to-wear. 





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